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Solar Solution Equipments

We are a leading Manufacturer of domestic water heater and industrial water heater from Chennai, India.
Domestic Water Heater

Domestic Water Heater

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BrandElite Power Systems India
Capacity10-25 litres
Width1240 mm
Length1820 mm

Solar Water Heating is now a mature technology. Widespread utilization of solar water heaters can reduce a significant portion of the conventional energy being used for heating water in homes, factories and other commercial & institutional establishments.

It has a wide range of products and capacities varying from 100LPD to 10,000 LPD. Process heating is the other area where solar water heaters can be effectively used saving hundreds of thousands of rupees. The applications include domestic water heating, commercial establishments like hotels, hospitals, resorts, hostels etc. Solar ETC Water Heater made from high-quality components and come with international technology. Modes available with aluminum stucco/stainless steel/ Ms powder coated outer cover.

  • Evacuated tube collector system
  • High efficiency absorption
  • Utilization of solar energy
  • Minimum heat loss


  • Concentric, high-quality borosilicate glass tubes in the evacuated tube collector are sealed
    on both ends to create vacuum. The number of tubes vary according to the capacity.
  • The high quality solar selective coating (ALN/SS/CU) facilitates excellent heat absorption
    and minimum heat absorption and minimum heat emission.
  • The storage tank is made of food-grade stainless steel – SS304L (Sail Steel /jindal Steel).
  • ISI backup heater with automatic temperature controller (Optional).
  • Fitted with sacrificial anode.
  • Huge savings on electricity and fuel charges.

Domestic Models:
 100 LPD, 125 LPD, 200LPD,
250 LPD & 500 LPD (Litres Per Day).

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Industrial Water Heater

Industrial Water Heater

Price on Request
Ambient temperatureapprox 25-30 degree
Can be PreheatedYes
Frequency50-60 Hz
Capacity50-100 Litres
Voltage230 V
BrandElite Power System India

Solar Water Heater is creating awareness among the Industries like manufacturing units, hotels, Hospitals, resorts to save energy – mainly by saving the fuel costs of boilers. The usual fuels used in the boilers are – firewood, coal, furnace oil, electricity or LPG. The industries can save up to the extent of 30-40% on their fuel costs by introducing the Renewable energy concepts like Industrial Solar Thermal System.

Elite Power Industrial Solar Thermal System is suitable for plants where boilers are using in the manufacturing process. Usually the feed water to the boilers will be of ambient temperature ( approx 25-30 degree) which can be preheated by using Solar Thermal System up to 80 degrees so that fuel used to heat the boiler can be saved 30 -40%. By using Industrial Solar Thermal systems,


  • 30-40% savings in Fuel costs for boilers when the boiler feed water is preheated up to
    80oC using the Solar Thermal System.
  • The indirect savings of labour cost, transportation cost and storage cost of fuel – like
    firewood or coal which is usually used as boiler fuels.
  • There will be savings in Electricity cost as well – of ID and OD fans which are used while the
    boiler is working. As the boiler working time will be reduced considerably by preheating
    the boiler feed water, automatically the working time of ID fans and OD fans will be reduced.

We had successfully installed Solar Thermal Systems in many industries mainly for preheating of their boiler feed water. Other benefits are.

  • Return on Investment (ROI) in 6-8 months.
  • Can claim Depreciation 80% in 1st yr.
  • Capital Subsidy of 38,000 for every 1000LPD at
    the time of invoicing.

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